Emergency Dental Care

During Surgery Hours

If you are a current NHS Patient of the practice (by current we mean if you are currently being treated by a dentist or have attended your check-up appointment as directed by the dentist when you were last in) and have a problem during surgery hours, please telephone the practice immediately on 01327 358214 and we will ensure that you're offered an appointment based on the nature of the emergency. Please make it clear that the matter is not routine and we will do our utmost to attend to you at the earliest opportunity.


We allow time within our appointment books every day to provide care for NHS patients needing urgent appointments.


Urgent appointment slots are reserved for those patients in severe pain and those who have severe swelling or have suffered dental trauma.


NHS Patients with non-urgent dental problems will be offered the next available routine appointment.


We also offer a cancellation book service for those who wish to be contacted should an appointment become available at short notice.


Please inform reception if you wish to be considered for this service.


Unfortunately, we are unable to offer NHS emergency walk-in appointments for non-registered NHS patients. NHS emergency care is available elsewhere at the local NHS 8-8 dental care centre on 01327 310793.


If you are new to the practice or have lapsed in your attendance we can still see you, however it will be as a Private Patient which costs £60. During this appointment the clinician you see will look to help you as best they can however there may be a need for you to return to the practice for further treatment which will also be as a private patient. The costs of this further treatment will be on top of the £60 emergency appointment fee.


Evenings and Weekends

Please follow our guidance for emergency arrangements during evenings and weekends by calling our practice and following our answerphone instructions.


Emergency appointments for Private patients and Patients not registered at Bridge Dental

Private emergency appointments are available to any patients at a cost of £60. If treatment is carried out at this appointment, which is above and beyond that necessary to relieve the presenting emergency, additional fees may apply.